A free Real Time Strategy game

Planned for next version

  •  Game: Added EUF Aircraft Factory
  •  Game: Added EUF 1 lvl Vehicle Factory
  •  Game: Added EUF 2 lvl Vehicle Factory
  •  Client: Improved skirmish page
  •  Client: Improved connection to host
  •  Client: Fix bug: only one client could connect to host. Now unlimited clients can connect to the host (ready for online War Machines rooms Server)

Ver (Early access version) – 13 May 2019

  •  Game: Defined weapons target (Anti-aircraft weapons, Anti-vehicle weapons, Anti-submarine weapons)
  •  Game: Added EUF Bigfoot
  •  Game: Added Quad-Tree Path-Finder System Option
  •  Game: Fix bug: Archer anti-air ship now shoot
  •  Client: Fix bug: Delta Siege map now start
  •  Client: Added options page
  •  Client: Improved the scoring system
  •  Client: Improved direct connections
  •  Client: Now players connected to host can select their color during skirmish customization

Ver (Early access version) – 04 March 2019

  •  Client: Improved the code on the skirmish screen
  •  Game: single/multi player campaign under development
  •  Game: Modified airplane cruise altitude
  •  Game: Modified antiair turrets range
  •  Game: Modified metal amount in Campbell’s wreckage
  •  Game: Added Andronians Praetorian
  •  Game: Added Andronians Illuminator
  •  Game: Added Andronians Radar Tower
  •  Game: Added Andronians Fighter
  •  Game: Added Andronians Starcraft Cruiser
  •  Game: Added Andronians Tanko
  •  Game: Added EUF Fighter
  •  Game: Added EUF Aircraft plant
  •  Game: Added EUF Heavy trasporter
  •  Game: Added ICU 1st&2nd lvl Underwater Metal Extractors
  •  Game: Added ICU Furie
  •  Game: Added NFA Krogoth
  •  Game: Added NFA 1st&2nd lvl Underwater Metal Extractors
  •  Game: Fix bug: Solved some missing wreckage collisions volume
  •  Game: Fix bug: NFA Intimidator’s projectile effect missing
  •  Map: Added two variants of Port Island

Ver (Early access version) – 23 January 2019

  •  Client: Improved the code on the skirmish screen
  •  Client: Fix bug: Terms conditions appear always at start after login
  •  Client: Fix bug: client can’t load the game from multiplayer room and connect to host
  •  Game: Fix bug: Correct ICU Kickstarter Commander build radius
  •  Game: Correct some units wreakage definitions
  •  Map: Orbital Station One reduced dimensions from 64×32 to 32×16 due Engine crash during gameplay (too big map)
  •  Map: Orbital Station One. Added normal maps/bump texture
  •  Map: Add new map: Lava Island

Ver (Early access version) – 7 January 2019

  • Client: Added “Score System”. Now players have levels & experience score. Win = 100 points. Lose = -50 Points
  • Client: Fix bug: sometime the system is slow or don’t load correctly during check of players settings
  • Game: Changed default feature max view distance
  • Game: Converted units definition from .fbi to .lua
  • Game: Fix bug: Update app doesn’t delete some old files and there are some conflicts (specially play on old maps)
  • Game: Fix bug: -ICU- Decade doesn’t shoot
  • Game: Fix bug: -ICU- Patroller haven’t wreckage
  • Game: Fix bug: Can’t select Advanced Commanders (kickstarter user) by pressing ctrl+c
  • Maps: Orbital Station One -> Fix bug: Units can walk on space -_-
  • Maps: Orbital Station One -> Fix bug: map objects haven’t wreckage

ver (Early access version) – 7 November 2018

  • Client: Change AI name in Skirmish boxes
  • Client: Change AI team number (at the moment all the slot are allied on team 0 as default. If you forget to set different team numbers during game setting , all the AI and players play in the same alliance, and the game end instantaneously)
  • Client: When you start singleplayer skirmish one time, to start second time you must exit to menù and re-enter into skirmish page. now this bug is solved.
  • Game: Added missing “Campbell” unit in ICU side
  • Game: Added missing “Warhammer” unit in ICU side
  • Game: Added some missing ships and submarines
  • Maps: Port Island -> correct starting position of 6th player
  • Maps: Throne -> overturned the map. Added normal maps/bump texture
  • Maps: Orbital Station One -> new map released

ver (Early access version) – 17 October 2018

  • First WMRTS release