War Machines is a Free & Open Source Real Time Strategy game inspired by the universe of Total Annihilation that keeps high number of unities, a moderate balancing between factions and many huge maps where great battles can be fought within both single missions, campaigns or skirmish mode. The units keep the style of the “low poly” models that existed already in TA, re-scaled and re-texturized in order to adapt them to the potentialities of the SPRING engine. New special effects are added to weapons and explosions. These improvements, even when minimal, improve the game’s overall quality. During a game each unit acquires experience and for some of them – like the commanders – upgrades will be available that improve their performance in both the construction and attack phases.

You can play with two sides: The “protectorate” and “the Andronians”.

  • The “protectorate” side use three factions:
    • the “EU-F”, that is the standard faction of the Protectorate;
    • the “ICU” that reproduce technology from old “ARM” TA faction*;
    • the “NFA”, that reproduce technology from old “CORE” TA faction*;
  • The “Andronian” side is itself a military contingence used in campaign and missions and is not playable at the moment in skirmish mode.

*(ARM & CORE are the two factions of Total Annihilation original game).

In the time line the game War Machines RTS is collocated billion years after Total Annihilation‘s events, this make WMRTS an unofficial sequel of TA.

WMRTS is based on the open source SPRING ENGINE and our property game launcher. War Machines RTS use some open source script developed by the community of SPRING ENGINE. We want to thank the SPRING community for their massive coding efforts and for their support.

Very big units

Colossal units and map objects

Commander Upgrade

Upgrade your commander to make it more robust and lower construction time.

Account & Profile setup

Register user and save the game progresses. Customize your avatar and your country.


Choose from 20 maps on which to play skirmish mode

Skirmish settings

Create your alliances, choose the color of your team, choose the position on the map, the starting resources and the game mode.

Up to 16 players

Play skirmish mode with other players and / or against AI


Sun, rain or snow, the war never stops.


Long-range artillery.

Huge maps

Huge maps up to 64x64 Km.

Big Battles

Fight large-scale battles.

Wide range units

Play with a wide range of land, air and sea units.

Download WMRTS

Welcome commander! We were waiting for you! Download the game here and join the universe of War Machines RTS. Command your units and victoriously defend the protectorate from the enemy invasion. We need you, now!