WMRTS is a gaming project started in 2011 and inspired by the universe of Total Annihilation. The aim of the project is to develop a RTS game with a high number of unities, a moderate balancing between factions and many huge maps where great battles can be fought within both single missions and campaigns. WMRTS is based on the open source engine SPRING ENGINE. We want to thank the SPRING community for their massive coding efforts and for their support. In this blog you will be able to follow every step of the project’s development. WMRTS project never stop!

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WMRTS Beta Launch Steps
A comprehensive update about what we are working on and on what we are planning to do until the completion of the beta project:

Remodel and Retexturing original TA units for beta launch:

(last update: 11/09/2016) – STATUS NFA SIDE:100%

 (last update: 07/10/2016) -STATUS ICU SIDE:  100%

Graphical user Interface (GUI):
We are considering to use “ICE UI” or “NOTA GUI,” two pre-existing GUI created by the community of SPRING engine.
Currently the beta version of the game uses “ICE UI”.

(last update: 12/03/2016) – STATUS: progress_bar_100

Create maps or incorporate retextured/remodelled Spring RTS community maps. Eventually use some original Spring RTS community maps.

(last update: 06/06/2018) – STATUS: progress_bar_100

step4Create the first beta mission
Step deleted: We wait for launching the early access version of War Machines RTS and correct some unit bugs. At the moment only Singleplayer and direct connect skirmish work.
(last update: 28/09/2018) – STATUS: 

step5 Client
Create a basic interface menu (client) that will be used to launch the single player game in Windows (and Linux??). Decide whether to develop a stand-alone app or a web-based game launcher.

(last update: 28/09/2018) – STATUS :

step6Launch the beta version.
A little patience again! Early access version of War Machines RTS will be available soon!

(last update: 28/09/2018) – OVERALL STATUS:

WMRTS maintaining steps

After launching the early access version of War Machines RTS will follow the following steps to complete the game:

  1. Adding new units and factions, improve textures of the existent units adding details, lights, specular textures, weapons’ effects, etc.
  2. Improve map textures, add objects on map (like trees, rocks, structures etc.)
  3. Correct bugs
  4. Start a Kickstarter campaign aim to collect money for a server and cover cost of making
  5. Making of singleplayer/multiplayer campaigns and missions
  6. Improve the starting menu launcher (client) introducing multiplayer cooperative mode and PvP gameplay.
  7. Build an online campaign (like build your base, attack enemy base, and defend yourself)
  8. Improve user account (rank system, clan system, battles records etc)



WMRTS Units Preview

The units will keep the style of the “low poly” models that existed already in TA and TA community or create by WMRTS team, re-scaled and re-texturized in order to adapt them to the potentialities of the SPRING engine.

The animations of each unit will be carefully redone in order to obtain fluid and precise movements, that are often not present in TA. New special effects will be added to weapons and explosions. These improvements, even when minimal, improve the game’s overall quality.
During a game each unit acquires experience and for some of them – like the commanders – upgrades will be available that improve their performance in both the construction and attack phases.
Here some 3D rendered units:


At the moment there are two factions: The ICU (Interspatial Combat Union) that reproduce technology from old ARM faction and the NFA (New Freedom Alliance), that reproduce CORE technology.
(ARM & CORE are the two factions of Total Annihilation original game).
In 06/06/2018, Also two more Factions was addes and are under WIP:

  1. The EUF faction: The Earth Union Force: Only Kickstarter helper will be able to use this faction (as gratitude for the financial help).
  2. The AND faction: Andronians (will used in campaign and missions as enemy AI at the moment)


Maps & Campaignbar

The maps will be realised in function of the single player campaign. Each of them will have its own climate conditions, time variation (day/night cycle) and will be made paying great attention to graphic details, using all the potentiality of the SPRING Engine.

Campaign is on its way with five missions that will require advanced tactics for successful operational results.


Spring Enginebar

Spring RTS logo

Spring is a free open source RTS game engine originally created by Stefan Johansson and Robin Westberg members of the Swedish Yankspankers game clan. Originally intended to bring the gameplay experience of Total Annihilation into three dimensions, the engine has since evolved to support a plethora of more modern and more flexible features, including built-in high-level extensibility through a Lua scripting interface. The core game engine is licensed under the GNU GPL.

See more info and games at www.springrts.com